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Authoring Multimedia Commercials and Infomercials

This feature is a user story showing describing how DSI Media, a long time ImageMatics product user, has been authoring multimedia commercials Infomercials, e-brochures and virtual tours with ImageMatics' products for almost three years. They have authored scores of multimedia commercial shows for their clients who then use them as web marketing tools. They began with PE and with the arrival of the Web Developers versions have taken advantage of the new web authoring features to create the shows you will see..

The Find out More Link below will take you to the User Gallery and show you an illustrative example. the example will automatically take you to their web site so come back here to read about how are tools are used to create all of this high impact multimedia content.

The Find Out More Link will take you their corporate infomercial and then drop you in their web site where you can see professional examples including the topics shown below:Authoring Multimedia Commercials



The Gallery demo is created with StillMotion software. The demo features professional commercial photography and voice over. Here are some of the WD features used in the show:

  • Pre-loader: Guarantees smooth show for viewers.
  • VCR control: Lets users go at their own pace.
  • Web Action: takes the viewer to another web page when show is completed
  • Multiple sound tracks: Provide background music and fore ground narration
  • Automatic narration timing: Synchronizes the slide duration to the sound narration
  • Labels: Provide embellishments to the video presentation.

Customers use this content on web pages, in loops on large screen monitors in hand out CDs. With StillMotion software they are also creating DVDs and video that can be used directly for cable television commercials .
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