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Mars Panoramic Tour

This is a medium-resolution version of the first 360-degree panoramic view of the Martian surface, taken on Mars by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's panoramic camera. The image was downloaded from the NASA site as a 13 meg JPG file.  The resolution is 11,174 x 1,385 (big!).  The movie window below is 400 x 400. We have added a star and stop VCR control and placed it in the frame.

The Flash movie was created with ImageMatics PE and is only 398K.  The movie created by PE is less than 3% the file size of the original still image.  No cropping or scaling where required to use it in PE.


User Note

PE Developers Note: This panoramic tour was created in using the Pan function found in Slide Properties Show tab. You just double click on the slide to get there. The pan duration was set to 45 seconds . Here is a link to the help page

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