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Support of our users is a priority at ImageMatics.  We offer full support to product owners as well as those who are evaluating the products. There are no dumb questions. We can not be successful unless you are.

First, we know nobody reads the instructions.  In spite of this we have put together an extensive reference and tutorial systems in support of the our product line. Both StillMotion PE-II and Pro have context sensitive help. Just hit the F1 key from the menu you have questions about. Be sure to look at the animated tutorials tey will get you going very quickley.

We provide complete on-line help systems and tutorials for all products including detailed examples.

Our Quick Start paged will get you going in minutes.

The menus in the left had column will get you to all of the information you need to get the most out of your Imagematics products.


Visit our resource page to find complementary application for audio, screen capture, liave screen capture for training, thousands of free clip art items and othe interesting links. Click here to vist the Resources page

Contacting Support

By Email

You can contact support by e-mail at (

To get you the best support let us know the following:

  1. The product
  2. The version and build (can be found in the about box and is shown when the program is initially launched)
  3. A description of the problem
  4. Do you want someone to call you (U.S. only)
    • provide your phone number
    • Time zone
    • When you would like to be called.

By Phone

We are glad to provide you telephone support.

We can be reached Monday - Friday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST. You may try us at anytime and can often get help.

We return all phone calls in the order they are received.

Phone: 301 530 0677

Note: For Support and Help of the older PE, PE+, WD, WD+ and ISCMC products click here.
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