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Slide Show Synchronized Timing

The Timing dialog provides one of the most powerful features of the product series. With this feature you can change the duration of an entire slide show or any group of slides to match a sound track or for other timing purposes.

Slide Show Timing dialog.

The Timing dialog, shown above, provides control of the slide show's timing

The Change the Timing of these slides panel provides the choice of re-timing the entire show or a selected group of slides. The duration in seconds is shown for the entire show and for any selected group of slides .

The Time To panel provides control of how the Timing will be changed.



This panel is used to select one of thee methods for setting the new timing. The Timing will be applied to the group determined in the Change the timing of these slides panel.

Here are the three methods and a description of what they do:

  1. Background Sound Track The duration of the selected slides or entire show is set to the length of the entire sound play list created in the Sound Properties tab. The music or recorded background track will be synchronized with the slides and will end with the slides show.
  2. Slide Sound The duration of the selected group of slides will be synchronized with the sound contents of the first slide in the selected group. The selected slides will start at the beginning of the sound file and end with the end of the file. When using this feature the Slide Sound Time should be set to Play until the next slide sound Click here to see the Slide Sound tab This feature may be used to time slide show segments with specific songs.
  3. Exact Time Selecting the Exact Time feature and entering the time in minutes and seconds sets the duration of the selected slides to this time. This feature lets you time a show to a background play list by manually entering the length of each song in the list. This leaves the Slide Sound track available for narration or effects.

When a slide show or group of slides is re timed the timing of each slide is adjusted so that the segment is the proper length. The Method pane determines how the new times are allocated. Selecting Proportional changes the time of each slby an amount proportional to its length compared to all the other slides. Absolute sets all the slides to the same length.