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StillMotion Pro Features

Publish and Share

Create your show and publish anywhere! Once you finish your show you can:

  • Create a Web page
  • Create a stand alone SWF file that can be used by other applications or viewed directly by any PC or Mac.
  • Create a full screen presentation in standard or Hi Def formats for projection on screens or monitors from your Pc
  • Create Auto play DC Roms
  • Screen savers
  • Self extracting .exes
  • Video for
    • Embedding in other applications
    • Publish for YouTube
    • Create Video for DVDs


Add compelling image button navigation with auto fill the populates your navigation screens as you add image to your show, create your own buttons from text symbols or clip art, use our built in VCR controls for professional effects and much more. You can import SWf files, images clip art and symbols merge them and create buttons by adding actions and effects. You save them as graphic objects for reuse (create your own library) or share them with friends and colleagues.

Add visible and invisible hotspots for creating interactive shows and virtual tours. With StillMotion PE-II any text, image, movie or symbol can be converted to a navigation button.

Web Actions

Besides all the intra show actions supported in the Personal Edition The StillMotion Pro adds the ability to create linkages with external web pages, link slide shows, and SWF files, FTP and download sites and create formatted e-mails.

The Internet actions directly support FTP, HTTP, HTTPS (Secure Web page link), local file access and user defined methods. The Mail To feature provides a forms driven mail response system that le you create user contact, ordering and information requests and incorporate image data, file names, slide specific data and other information

The URL editor provides for the creation of data driven ASP and PHP scripts with a built in Test button to see your results immediately.

The Pro version support the creation of active content that provides two way communication between your shows, your viewers and online content and services.

Text Variables

StillMotion Pro provides a system of text variables consisting of user defined, system and EFIX information which is captured from digital camera images. The derived value of the text variable appears in the slide.

User variables may be either Global, apply to entire show or Slide Specific, which means a unique variable is assigned for each slide.

System information such as file name, frame label and slide index are available. The EFIX data contains the camera data about the image, this includes time and date of shot, exposure, and image size. This information may be combined with local and global to create powerful data driven applications


Powerful Sound Features

with separate background soundtracks as well as separate sound tracks for individual slides and slide groups you can create professional multimedia presentations. Sound timing features provide for slide duration to be automatically set to narration times. Slide groups can be automatically timed to fit sound segments. Sound effects can be attached to slides.

You can add back ground play lists of your favorite music, synchronize it to the show, control the music quality and file sizes, control cross fading and fade out and loop sound tracks if desired.

Animation effects

Animate any image with a complete and easy to use Ken Berns style pan and zoom tool. A separate basic Pan function and Zoom function are provided to add life to a slide. Add a quick zoom and apply it to all slides. in two clicks you have animated an entire show.

You can combine pan and zoom effects with transitions for compelling effects. you can even create a pan and zoom movie and the embed it in another slide.

Text can be animated to slide, zoom, tumble or fade in and out. you control the star time, end time and speed and you can combine animations for great effects. In fact you can have any number of animated images, movies, buttons, symbols or text objects animated in every slide if you want. You can create animated banners, logos, and more and save the as SWf file for use in web applications and other projects.

Custom Skins

You control the movie size, the location (borders) of the active slide show, add customized frames, textures, VCR controls, gradients, matting an, shadows and borders to your slides. Once you create a skin style you like you can add it to a template for reuse and share it with friends and colleagues.
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