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StillMotion as and with Flash Tools

ImageMatics' products utilize Flash (SWF) files as their native output format.  StillMotion Pro has additional Flash and related features that make make it an essential design component for Web and Flash developers.

All ImageMatics product quickly create sophisticated SWF slide shows with sound, effects, captions and more in minutes that would take hours with Flash MX, and other CES like environments.  The products output a standard SWF movie file that may be imported or loaded into other applications and SWF files not containing Action Script may be imported into StillMotion. Visit our Flash Development area for examples sophisticated applications created with PE, Pro and third party tools.

The StillMotion Pro product which contain all of PE's Flash (SWF) slide show creation capabilities provide additional Flash and Flash Web tools.

The Pro Flash features include the following:

  • Frame Labels: Provide the ability to add content based navigation to show. Default settings provide the automatic assignment of
    the slide name to the labels, label names may also be individually defined.
  • Add Hot Spots Visible, mouse over action and invisible hotspots can be added to any imported object or area in a slide show and support al the Web and internal navigation and control options.
  • Build Buttons and Banners The flash button shown to the right is created from an arrow symbol, shaded, animated, and beveled. The action added is a URL pointing to a web page with lots more buttons. Click here to see examples of buttons, Click here to see an example of an animated banner ad.
  • HTML Anchors Any slide can have a named HTML anchor added as bookmarks in the SWF file. Any anchored slide may be called by the anchor name and entered directly (#AnchorName) add to a URL loading an SWF file will jump directly to the anchor slide) The Anchor technology contributes to the creation of content driven media.
  • Preloader: Easy to create fixed and manual preloaders with configurable progress bars. Add a title display page to the preloader and provide additional information, direction etc to the viewer while waiting to load. The adaptive preloader continually monitors and adjusts itself based on actual band width availability providing an optimum user experience. Click here for more info on preloaders.
  • Actions: Flash actions including Get URL and the inclusion of an URL editor and test feature directly supports HTTP, HTTPS (secure), FTP and file methods, Mail to email actions with complete forms editor and variable interface, Load SWF (load another Flash movie or show) and Jump to a slide are provided on mouse actions on slides, entire shows, the conclusion of a slide or a show. Click here for more information on Actions
  • VCR Controls: Add user configurable VCR navigation controls. Click here for more info.
  • Extensive Navigation Menu Options: Menu pages of auto populated animated image buttons and and text that provide on-click actions that enable a complete multimedia authoring environment. Create linked galleries, commerce and product pages. Click here for more information.
  • Variables: StillMotion Pro provides a a set of reserved variable names click for more information on variable that provide access to camera settings (EFIX parameters), image filenames, frame labels, time and date stamps, image size and more. It also supports the creation of both local and global user variables for the creation of dynamic content created from image or user assigned attributes. The variables may also be added to URLs and e-mails to facilitate ASP, PHP scripts as well as personalized e-mails sent from a show. Click here for more information on variables.

The SWF files produced are easy to integrate with other applications.  Controls provide for the setting of Movie size and frame rate.  It also provides a transparent background option which enables layering of movies with multiple size images and effects.
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