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Cut, Delete, Copy and Paste

Slides or groups of slides in a photo slide show may be cut and pasted, deleted or copied.  These operations may be carried out in any of the slide show Views Undo will restore the results of any of these operations to the digital slide show.    

First select the slide or group of slides you want to operate on in the photo slide show.  Standard Windows key conventions are used here.

Single slides may be selected by clicking on them.  The slide will be highlighted in the view of the slideshow to indicate that it has been selected.

Holding down the CTL key lets you select any number of slides in any order.  Holding down the Shift key will select all slides between (and including) the first and last slides selected. 

Using the Shift - click method lets you operate on contiguous groups of files.

User Tip : When copying slides move the cursor over the slide you want the copy slides to appear after.

Copy will create a duplicate slide or set of slides.

First, select the files you want to copy.  Then form the Edit Menu select Copy.   The selected group will now be the copied with the Paste function.

Move the cursor to the slide after you want the new slides to appear and click.  This is your insert point

Paste is selected from the Help Menu.  The copied slides (slides selected in the previous Copy function) are then inserted after the selected insert point.  You may Paste multiple times if desired to create multiple copies of a slide or slides in a slide show.

Delete removes the selected group of slides.  First select the slide of group of slides to be deleted, from the Edit Menu select Delete.  The select files are deleted.

Cut combines Copy and Delete functions into a single operation.

Select the group of slides you want, from the Edit Menu select Cut, the selected group is deleted, and also made available to the Paste function. 

Shortcut keys:

  • Cut                    Ctrl+X
  • Copy                 Ctrl+C
  • Paste                Ctrl+V
  • Delete Slide(s)     Del
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