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Combining Slide Shows

There are many reasons why you would want to combine two or more Flash slide shows rater than make one big show.

As you may know a single Flash file is limited to 16,000 frames. With not transitions you could (theoretically) have a show 16,000 slides at one second each. Not what you had in mind but shows of 500-1000 images for continually looping presentations in kiosks, at trade shows etc are not uncommon.

Now lets get back to the number of frames, ImageMatics default frame rate is 30 frames a second, this gets reduced if the number and length of slides increases. ((Number of slides X Frames Per Second X( Slide Duration + Transition Duration))>16,000.

What this means is that you get 533 seconds at 30 frames per second. You can actually go down to 20 Frames a second and still have the transitions look good.

After all this the simple fact is that if you want to make good looking shows that are over 15 minutes long splitting the show in two parts, generating two Flash files and then linking the is the way to go.

ImageMatics WD and WD+ products let you do this with a few clicks.

Here is how you do this:

  1. Create both halfs of your show and save them in the same folder
  2. Go back to the first segment of the show and open the Show Properties Web tab
  3. In the At the end of show panel shown below select Play an SWF from the Action menu.
  4. Browse to the SWF file you want to link to and select it.

You can repeat this process linking a second show to a third etc creating an effective slide show of virtually unlimited size.

Any flash file can be linked to. This is a way that Flash movies created with StillMotion Creator can be combined with WD output.
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