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SLide Show with sound

ISMC Slide Show Demo Page- Continued

This area will continue to be added to as our users and friends contribute to the site.

The ability to display panoramic images is a very important feature for Still Motion PE Slide Show software.  Demo 4 is a quick sampler that shows what you can do with a panoramic form image created from a scanned ASP print.  Demo 4 shows how stitched images are used in virtual tours for real-estate applications and Demo 5 is a just for fun show case of vintage classic panoramas scanned from 24" negatives.

Demo 4

Click on the  image to the left to see the demo

The demo consists of a slide show made up of three representations of the image seen at the right.

First the image is shown as is, then the cropping tool is used to create a zoomed view of the building and the last view is a 20 second back and forth pan created by clicking the Pan Select box on the Slide Properties - Show tab

Slide show, panorama, slideshow

Demo 5

Real estate applications of virtual tours and panoramas represent a 100 million dollar plus imaging market.  Why not do it your self.

Royalty Free!

slideshow, panorama, virtual tour, slide show, digital slide show

Demo 6

Here are a collection of 1920 -30's large format panoramic images shown just for fun. These where rally big images 12k x 2k.

Find Einstein and identify the mystery woman.  Is this Madonna's  grandmother??

slide show, photo slide show, panorama, virtual tour

Demo 7

This demo shows a 360 degree stitched panorama being rotated continuously .

The the panoramic image image is 1,315 x 329.

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