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  • Pan and Zoom
  • Add a sound track per slide
  • Full Screen
  • Album presentation
  • Screen Saver
  • CD ROM

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What the Users are Saying

You may like to know that in searching for a product to do what I want I first tried Kai's Power Show, as I had seen a very nice presentation done using this product.  The problem for me with this product was that I couldn't set the timing for each slide individually, making synchronizing to my existing tapes impossible.  I then went to Download.com, and looked for slide shows.  Over 300 products came up, and I couldn't spend the time looking at them all.  I then refined my search to include "sound".  This narrowed the number offered to 42; a much more easily-handled number.  I scanned their capabilities, and downloaded four of them.  Only one other had the same capability as your product, and it didn't handle as nicely.  Keep up the good work!

Geoff Beals

I’ve purchased the PE version. It installed easily and I pointed the software at the directory with 102 tif images in it…in a matter of moments it had assembled my gallery with the defaults for presentation. I changed the sequencing to ‘Cube’ and for some individual images included a ‘Pan’ option so that their detail was seen clearly…all in five minutes. Excellent!!!

Allan Punton





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