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Sharring Shows with E-mail

Sharing and distributing your movie files to friends, family and professional contacts is a very important aspect of digital imaging. E-mail is the preferred and a convenient way to distribute your movies that you make with StillMotion products. Your flash shows, self extracting .exes, and screensavers. Unfortunately, we are in the era of the virus and you security system, browser, and e-mail program will block these types of file attachments.

Here are some suggestions that will let you still use your e-mail to share your movie files.

Rename the file

Here is the easist way. Take your movie (MyMovie.exe or MyMovie.swf) and rename it. You can leave off the extension completely or rename it MyMovie.txt (for example). In the body of you e-mail tell your recipient that they will need to rename the file back to either MyMovie.exe or .swf.

Ok, I'm sending it to my cousin in Miami and renaming a file is still a great mystery.

We went to Google and asked it (does Google have a gender yet?) Here is the page it took us to Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything: How to Rename a File or Folder. You can attach the link or cut and paste the instructions.

Upload and Link

Here is another way if you have some familiarity with doing things online. You can do this if your have access to a website. It doesn't really have to be a built out site just a web name (URL). If you have an internet connection, even AOL your service provider (ISP) provides you with some online storage.

You need to copy your movie file to the server (upload the file). You ISP will provide you with instructions and tools. You can do this directly from your windows File Explorer or with software you ISP will provide you with. The program will be referred as FTP (File Transfer Protocol). These programs are very easy to use and your ISP will give you phone support if you need it.

Upload your .exe or .swf to the web area and get the URL of your file. Go into your browser and enter the URL to be sure that it is correct. You can then copy the URL into the email you are sending and tell the recipient to click on it. They will then get your show as a download and are ready to view it. All they do is click on the file they downloaded.


We didn't have to worry about all this in the good old days. But these few tricks will let you share your movies created with StillMotion products with anybody who can receive an e-mail.
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