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Status Bar

The Status bar occupies the lower border of the program screen.   The Status Bar is selected by clicking on the Status Bar entry in the View menu.

Below is an image of a Status bar.

The Status bar shows the activities of the program as they are happening.  The image above shows the Status bar display during the rendering of a movie Preview .  The message on the right describes the action being executed and the blue bar toward the left indicates the percent completion.  The far right references the last slide edited in the View and its start time.

When the rendering of the movie is complete the Status Bar then shows the composition of the movie, its duration and the number of slides.

The Status Bar above indicates the created movie (SWF file) size as the Total. It hen gives the breakdown of the SWF file into its graphic contente (Pictures:), its sound content (Audio:) and the contribution of imported SWF files. The number of slides in the sho and the shows duration are shown on the right side of the Status Bar.
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