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Slide Properties

Selecting Slide Properties from the Edit menu will open up the last Slide Property tab selected. A typical view is shown below.

It should be noted that selecting Slide Properties from the Edit menu gives the same result as double clicking on a slide image in the Slide Sorter View.

Each tab represents a different set of attributes of individual slides that can be edited to provide your desired results.

Click on the Tab names in the table below for a full description of each tabs function.

Slide Properties
Tab Name
Transition Controls transition effects and timing
Show Sets slide duration and pan and zoom functions
Edit Provides cropping, brightness and contrast controls and lets you change the image file associated with the slide
Sound Controls the attributes and timing of sound effects an narration associated with individual slides
Web Provides for slide action on end and on click as well as assignment of parameter values.
Text and Graphics Provides for the importing, editing, compositing and animation of images, text, shapes and SWF files
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