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The Publish menu is selected from the File menu and provides selection of the output choices. Video is only available for PE+ and WD+ products.

A slide show must be active or the Publish options will be unavailable. The File menu with Publish selected is shown below.

  • Click on the link for each category for more information on the topic.
  • Flash File: Creates an SWF file from the current slide show
  • Web Page Creates a Web page linked to an to the created SWF file.  Selecting the created Web page will show the slide show running
  • Screen Saver Creates a and optional installs a screen saver from the slide show. The screen saver is "packaged" a self extracting exe file which may sent to others  for installation on their systems.
  • Self Playing Show creates an slide show movie with it sown stand-alone viewer that is created as a self extracting .exe file that can be sent to others for viewing.
  • Auto-Playing CD creates a standalone Self Playing Show and an auto run file (Auto.inf) that is set up to play the Self Playing show containing the slide show.
  • Video: Output video files for DVD, VCD and videographic applications. (PE+ and WD+ only)
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