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Edit Menu

The Edit Menu functions control the creation and modification of slide shows.  They include Undo and Redo functions for correcting mistakes; Cut, Copy and Paste for manipulating slide appearance orders ; Inserting Folders, Inserting and Deleting Slide(s) ; editing and setting Slide Show Properties, setting and editing the behaviors   (transitions and timing) of individual slides, adding and editing Sound Track Properties, and the setting and editing of default Options for slides, slide shows and publishing.

The File Menu contains is shown below:

Below are related topics describing the details of the Edit selections. Click on the funtion names for full descriptions.

Undo Ctrl+Z Cancel the last operation and restore the slide show.
Redo Ctrl+Y Do the last canceled operation again
Cut           Ctrl+X Remove selected slides
Copy        Ctrl+C Make temporary copies of selected slides
Paste       Ctrl+V Insert copies of selected slides
Randomize Selected Transitions Randomize transitions
Insert Slide Insert a slide or group of slides from files
Insert Blank Slide  Insert a blank slide for annotation
Insert Folder Create slides from all the images in a selected folder
Delete Slide(s ) Del Remove selected slides from a slide show.
Slide Show Properties Edit properties of the entire slide show
Sound Track Properties Add and manage sound tracks
Slide Properties Edit properties of individual slides
Options Select program and property options
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