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Video Slide Show
Creating DVD Slide Shows

Creating DVDs

To create a file that can be burnt on a DVD you must publish it as video.

Under File - Publish select Video.

The Video Publish screen will appear ( Video Publishing ).

From this menu you will select a CODEC (a video format) and the create the output video files from your slide shows.

The completed Video files can then be used with your DVD burning software to create DVDs.  You can, if desired install third party CODECs and use them wit P E+ Video Publish

PE+ Video Publish can interface directly with MS Encoder.  Using this combination enables you to create professional video for DVD, streaming media and general video applications.

For DVD we have two recommendations:

  1. Uncompressed WMV.  This gives you a perfect video source for any editing or DVD application.  the downside is VERY large files (in the multiple gigabyte range)
  2. WMV Video 9 Codec set to 20Mbs .  This provides very high quality DVD product when transcoded  by your DVD burner

If you do not have MS Encoder installed our Media Video Resource  page will provide you links to the downloads and information about it.

We have created a CODEC profile for your use to download it click here .

Save this file (PE_DVD.prx) on your PC where you can locate it again.

creating dvd from video

From the Publish Video screen, click on load, browse to PE_DVD and load it.  Your screen will appear as above (you must have MS Encoder installed). 

Click on OK and you will be asked for the file name for your video file.

Your DVD burning software will create the DVD from the video files you create.
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