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Note: This section covers publishing quality factor not the quality factor set in the SWF Creation Menu.

***Also Note***

DO NOT SET THE QUALITY FACTOR on the SWF Creation Menu. to 100% this is not supported and will result in a "blank" SWF file.

In general 70% and the "Best" setting give very good results.

Usage Tips

Setting the SWF "quality"

Quality is the most important important parameter in determining the appearance of a published SWF file.  Refer to Resources for more information on publishing parameters..  It determines how you Movie will appear.  We highly recommend you always use the BEST setting.  This setting is the only SWF display mode that does bitmap anti-aliasing...it smoothes out your images enhancing their appearances.  This will slow down the Movie to viewers using very slow computers (under 200Mhz).  Its our recommendation not to worry about this group. (you can send us hate mail if you disagree).

The array below shows same SWF file published at three different quality levels...remember this is done when you inset the code in your HTML page.

Quality = Best Quality = High Quality = Fair
Quality = Best Quality = High Quality = Fair

Look closely and the differences can be seen.  Look at the earrings on the bide and the pixilation on the zoomed in lips.  Both animations are under 34K which is pretty amazing.  As an experiment we made a 320 x 240 version of the Bide and Groom movie as an AVI file...it was seven megabytes.

Lets look at the images now presented larger and the differences become much more profound.




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