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Adding SWF files to HTML Pages

Flash 5 provides a forms based interface for creating the JavaScript needed to include an SWF file on an HTML page.  The StillMotion Creator does not provide this automated facility.  Here is how it is done.

If you are not interested in the details copy the code below and modify it by inserting the path to the SWF file you wish to inset and the desired Height and Width as you wish the SWF file to appear. (see the note on cutting and pasting this text)

<embed SRC="http://www.imagematics.com/SWF%20Files/imad1.swf" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" PLAY="true" LOOP="true" QUALITY="best" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash">

The above code is the code used for displaying the banner add shown on this page. See Creating Flash Banner Ads for in depth information on banner add publishing with SWF files.


Replace the http://www.imagematics.com/SWF%20Files/imad1.swf  with the URL (path and name) of your file.

Set the Height and Width to the size you want the Movie displayed. 

Quality is a very important parameter.  It determines how you Movie will appear.  We highly recommend you always use the BEST setting.  This setting is the only SWF display mode that does bitmap anti-aliasing...it smoothes out your images enhancing their appearances.  This will slow down the Movie to viewers using very slow computers (under 200Mhz).  Its our recommendation not to worry about this group. (you can send us hate mail if you disagree).

The following links provide detailed information about SWF File insertion with Java Script and ActiveX controls. 

TIP: The Java Embed Code is all you will need for any application.

Flash OBJECT and EMBED Tag Attributes
Flash OBJECT and EMBED Tag Syntax

Note For FrontPage Users:  If you use the ActiveX Object through Front Page you will not be given the choice to set the Quality parameter to "BEST" . To accomplish this In the Normal View click on the SWF file display. Switch to The HTML view and edit the Quality parameter manually.  You will see the improvement immediately!




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