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Working With Third Party Flash Tools

ImageMatics Products all produce industry standard Flash (SWF) files as their output.  The ISMC Plus and Pro Products also output video (AVI) and QuickTime (MOV).  ImageMatics's SWF output can be used with any software product that can input an SWF file.

Macromedia Flash MX represents the basis of much Flash development but requires a very long leaning curve, programming skills and lots of patience.  It is also relatively expensive.

In these sections we will show you what can be done with other third party SWF tools.

We will show you how using third party products you can create sophisticated multimedia web pages and applications with lots of interaction without having to suffer through learning Flash.

We will show you examples created by us and our users (this is how we learned about many of these applications) and will be continually adding to this section.

Applications will include composting (layout) and splicing Flash files (a solution for the 16000 frame limit of Flash files), creating text effects, template driven page creation and alternatives to using MX.

Click on the links and you will see examples made with PE and the ISMC product working together and as part of applications.

Flash Tools Combining & Compositing Effects & General Purpose



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