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Registering ImageMatics Still Motion Creator Standard, Plus and Pro Versions


1.  Download the most recent (ver 1.7)  version, if you haven't already done so, by clicking here. The evaluation version is transformed into the full version by obtaining a key number, which is specific to the computer you plan to use the product on.  We offer backup keys and replacement keys at no charge.

2. "Install the software by double clicking on the downloaded file (ismc.exe) ).  Open the software and go to the Help Menu and then select Register.  Your System ID number is shown in the dialog.  E mail this to reg@imagematics.com.

3. We will send an e-mail that contains your unlock code. It is the unlock code that determines if the program is Standard, Plus or Pro.  Enter this code in the Text box under where you found the System ID code.

4.  Visit the Quick Start Page  It's short. It will Get you going fast.

5.  Look through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). There are links to tutorials and other information that will save you time.




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