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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About StillMotion Creator

Can I run StillMotion Creator on a Macintosh?

Although we do not have a native Apple version the software can be run on a Mac using VirtualPC.  It has been tested under OSX 10.1.5 (version 10) and works.

What type of image files can I use with SWF Movies?

Mono only, 16 bit only .WAV files

How can I edit sound files and change formats ?

Here is a link to Audacity, a free open source (and excellent) sound editor.

What type of image files can I use ?


A section of my movie did not show up even though I see it in the Preview Window?
This will happen if you do not set a second KeyFrame on the timeline in the motion segment.  A start and end KeyFrame (at least) are required for each motion segment being created.

I'm getting a solid block of color for my SWF file What am I doing wrong??
This will occur if the SWF Quality Factor is set to 100% in the Make SWF File option.  100% is not supported by SWF, we will be limiting this in future versions.  Try 98% and the problem will go away.  In general anything over 70% gives very good results and keeps your SWF file sizes low.

I'm getting lines radiating out of the image if I zoom out past the bounds of the picture, How do I get rid of them??

This is a SWF artifact, you can eliminate this by setting a border on the image.  You do this under Edit - Prep Picture and use the Border Size Slider  to create a border (1% -  2% is fine) Set the border color to your back ground color and the mystery rays will disappear.

Can it do image Rotation?

On some pans and zooms I get "image jitter" but not on AVI, how can I prevent this?

The slight image "jitter" that occurs if low resolution images are zoomed or paned very slowly occurs because Flash  doesn't have enough pixels to do a smooth transition (they are not resampling).  There are several easy ways to make the jitter go away.

  • Use higher resolution (bigger images)

  • Speed up the zoom... the easy fix

  • Set Pre Blur in the Image Prep Menu (this also cures jitter and aliasing from sharp edges and textures)

  • Keep horizontal and vertical pans "straight" by holding the shift key down while moving the mouse.

Note: for video output (AVI) we do the proper resampling so jitter will not occur.

Codecs for Mini DV and Pinnacle

Codecs for Mini DV that Pinnacle and others require can be found at :http://www.mainconcept.com/index_flash.shtml

Can I use the same version on multiple computers?
You must purchase a separate license for each computer you want to run StillMotion Creator on. However, if you have different editing systems on the same computer, one licensed version can be used on each different editor at no additional cost. (see below).

I'm getting a solid block of color for my SWF file What am I doing wrong??
You have the Quality factor for something set to 100% this is not uniformley understood by Flash and many Codecs.

What do I do once I've downloaded it for Windows?
Windows files are in self-extracting ZIP format to speed up the downloading process.  Simply double click on the .exe file and it will ask what folder you what to put them in.

How do I get a registered version?
You will need to download the evaluation version from our website if you haven't already done so. The evaluation version can be transformed into the full version by obtaining an unlock key number, which is specific to the computer you plan to use the product on.

To unlock the evaluation version, go to "Help - Register" menu option (in the "Help" menu on Windows systems). You will see your PC's ID code in the dialog box. Copy that number into an e-mail and send it to as at reg@imagematics.com. We will send you back an unlock code which you then enter in this dialog box to unlock the program and remove the watermark from the output.

Is the software available on CD or printed documentation?
The software is downloaded from the web only.  There is online help under the "Help" menu option. The Website contains interactive documentation, a Quick Start and an extensive tutorial section.

Does ImageMatics Software support multiple CPUs?
Yes. Each processor speeds rendering time by 20-40% on windows-based systems.

What is a Dummy Clip?
A 'dummy clip' is simply a place holder for the effect on the timeline. Even though we load the image separately, the editor needs a clip to attach the effect. Almost anything can be used, such as still image, a small AVI file, etc... 

How do I create Macromedia Flash Files?
Click on the "Save Flash SWF File" option from the "File" menu. You can specify a quality level from 0-100, which will determine the degree of Jpeg compression, and control the overall file size (in bytes), as well as the background color, and playback frame rate.

What shortcut keys are available?

[o] Plays from beginning of show
[space] or [p] or [~] Plays or stops playing
[tab] or  Moves you from key to key in the timeline
[-] Move back a frame
[+] Move ahead a frame
[home] Go to start of timeline
[end] Go to end of timeline
[up] Move the camera up 1 pixel
[down] Move the camera down 1 pixel
[left] Move the camera left 1 pixel
[right] Move the camera right 1 pixel
[PgUp] Expand the camera 1 pixel
[PgDn] Shrink the camera 1 pixel
[Ctrl-~] Load Picture and Jump
[Ctrl-O] Load Show
Save Show
[Ctrl-C] Copy the highlighted key to the scratchpad
[Ctrl-X] Copy the highlighted key to the scratchpad and then delete it
[Ctrl-V] Copy the key in the scratchpad to the highlighted key
[Ctrl-Z] Undo last action (32-levels)
[Ctrl-Y] Redo last undo action
[del] Delete the currently highlighted key
[enter] Add a KeyFrame
[j] ,
[k] and  [l]  Plays reverse,  stops playing or plays forward
[shift] Constrains left/right or up/down motion when dragging camera

Shortcut Keys For the Camera Window

[Ctrl-left]  Align the camera to picture's left 
[Ctrl-right]  Align the camera to picture's right
[Ctrl-home]  Align the camera to center of picture
[Ctrl-] Align camera top
[Ctrl-] Align camera bottom
[Ctrl-PgUp]  Expand the camera to picture's height
[Ctrl-PgDn]  Expand the camera to picture's width


Scanning and Images

What size should my images be?
StillMotion Creator will accept images up to 4,000 by 4,000 pixels in size. Most scanner software have an option to specify the image size by pixels. In general,  For ideal high quality results the images used to make a move should be 4 - 5 times of the size they are going to be displayed at.  When using the Pro version for full resolution video movies 1,500 to 2,000 pixels is the best size to use for most shows, unless you are really zooming in very tight. As a rule of thumb, you want to have at least 400 pixels to preserve image quality. For example, you could safely zoom in to one-fifth of the picture by using a 2,000 pixel image. This is somewhat subjective though, as some images hold up better than other.

What DPI should I scan images at?
If your scanner only allows settings in Dots Per Inch (DPI), the resulting image size in pixels (a.k.a. dots) will be the size of the image in inches times the DPI. For example, an 8 by 10 inch photo scanned at 150 DPI would yield a 1,200 by 1,500 pixel image. That same image scanned at 1,200 DPI would yield a 9,600 by 12,000, which is larger than StillMotion Creator can handle.

What resolution scanner do I need?
For most work, a 300 DPI scanner will work fine. Slides and other small objects require higher DPIs, 1200 DPI or better. Even $100 scanners will do a good job, but may be slower than more expensive models.

What type of images can be used?
The StillMotion Creator will accept 16, 24, or 32 bit images in Windows BMP, JPG, Targa TGA, uncompressed TIFF files

I am having trouble loading TIF Files.
Make sure that they are not compressed, as we do not offer decompression of TFF files. If you are using Photoshop, make sure the compressed option is unchecked when saving images.  StillMotion Creator supports both Mac and Windows formats.





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