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Slide Sorter View

The Slide Sorter view shows each slide represnted in the order they will be shown in the current movie. The image belos shows the Slide sorter view.

The main menu selection containing File, Edit, View and Help are contained in the Menu Tool Bar at the top of the view.

The Tool bar contains iconic represntaion of the central product functions.

Below the Tool bar is the Slide Bar which provides the setting of slide duration, the selction of transitions and slide rotation.

The Status bar at the bottom of the view shows the rendering in progress and then diplays the movies statistics it will show the total size of the SWF movie file and the contribution made to it by image files, sound files and swf files.

The slide order number and the file name are shown below each file.  The highlighted files have been selected for some action.

Selected slides or groups of slides may be dragged and dropped within the Side Sorter view.

Double clicking on a slide brings up the Slide Properties dialog where access to all slide properties is available.

Right clicking anywhere in the view brings up the View Action dialog shown below .

  •  Insert Slide Brings up the Insert Slide dialog for the insertion of a new slide or group of slides
  •  Delete, Cut, Paste and Copy carry out the the chosen function on the selected group of slides
  •  Properties brings up the Slide Properties tabs.
  • Flag Slide adds the Flag icon to the slide view as a marker for furtehr reference to the slide (such as remenbering where you left off etc) It has no effect on the slides appearance in the final show.



A set of icons indicates the type of content contained in a slide. the table below shows the icons and wht they indicate.

Text and graphics
User flagged
Slide Sound
Zoom effect

All flags, icons and control menus are identical for the detailed and sorter views.
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