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Publish to YouTube - Step by Step Tutorial


Publishing to YouTube is easy with ImageMatics StillMotion PE-II or Pro.

What YouTube Wants

YouTube takes a video file and scales it down to 320 x 240 resolution, converts the soundtrack to mono and the converts (transcodes) it to FLV a form of Flash. Scaling and resampling introduce the artifacts and blackness that we all see when watching many YouTube offerings.

YouTube upload files may not exceed 100 mega bytes or be greater then 10 minutes in length.

We have provided a best methods and a templates to let you make the highest quality productions for showing and sharing on YouTube. Click here to see a sophisticated show converted to you tube and see how easy it is.

Best Practices for YouTube

We provide a Template Basic YouTube with the product. If you are creating content specifically for YouTube start with this and you will be on your way.

If you already have shows you want to convert for YouTube or want to use them in other formats here are the settings to give you the best looking and sounding YouTube content:

  • Set the Movie Size to 320 x 240 (Slide Show Properties, Show - Change Movie Size)
  • Set the Frame Rate to 30 frames per second
  • Set Picture Compression to Largest file, maximum quality
  • Check the Use Flash 8 Bit Map smoothing box
  • Under sound: Set Compression to Custom. set sample rate to 22khz, bit rate to 32 and check the Mono option.

Our YouTube template doe this all for you. Note that the Sound bit rate and sample rate are not that critical.

Publishing to YouTube

When your movie is complete save it!! Now go to File - Publish - Video .

You will now see the Publish Video dialog. You want the YouTube_1 to create your video.

If it is not already shown in the Profile text box you must install it by clicking on the Load button above.

You can find the YouTube_1 Profile on our web site at ( )

Once you do this the YouTube profile will be added to the list of available profiles and will never be more than a click away.

Once you have your profile selected click OK and you will be asked to save your video. That it, now just upload this to your YouTube account and you are done.

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