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StillMotion Pro Applications

Virtual Tours - Real Estate Applications

Find out why over a thousand professional realtors use our products every day!

With easy to use StillMotion Pro you can quickly create compelling virtual tours that will bring buyers to your properties and attract listers to you services.

A basic virtual tour can be created in a couple of clicks and published as a web page. Just link your MLS page to the your and your all set. You can use one of our templates or create own for fast repeatable results.

Add VCR controls to let buyers conduct their own tours, add narration, back ground music, captions, hot spots and every thing you know will get browsers to become buyers.

You can add pan and zoom effects to guide buyers around a room or through a garden, add you logo, links to maps, neighborhood information pages and instant contact via e-mail back you.

Just add your pictures. No recurring costs or service contracts. If you can click a mouse you can sell the house! (sorry about that)

Professional Photography

Besides creating compelling presentations from your photographs StillMotion Pro provides a means for you to offer new products to your clients, display and promote your work and to create online contact sheets and slide shows that include the file name, your logo or watermark and facilitate ordering.

Use StillMotion's powerful ken Berns style pan and zoom tool to create compelling multimedia slide shows fro weddings, parties and business events.

StillMotion Pro reads the EXIF data from you digital image files and provides the data as Text Variables for inclusion in the slide. It automatically detects the image orientation and rotates them when needed. this saves you valuable time when working with large numbers of images.

Create a new way to get your "head shots" out to you clients and the orders bask to you in record time with less work on your part.

You can import an entire disk in one click. Use our contact sheet templates or create your own.

Focus length, exposure, time and date as well as the file name are available. you can also add your own variables for customer information and anything else you might want in the displayed image.

You can add "click to order" buttons, hot spots etc that will send a message in the format you provide containing the photo and customer info.

You can add your logo and copyright or watermark to each image for your protection.

You can publish to the web, CD Rom or DVD (either computer files or for TV viewing)

Create online event albums and and disks as new products and provide new services to your customers. all with this easy to use product.


Create flash based training content with StillMotion pro. You can incorporate Flash movies, documents, text, images etc and create your own navigation structures to create effective training modules. Use the Wink live screen capture utility (free download) create flash moves for incorporation into you leaning modules, create buttons custom navigation and stylized skins to meet you training needs.

Personal Applications

Create your own documentaries from your digital images. you have all the tools you need to create animated multimedia presentations from your images. Add multi track sound, narration, captions, full pan and zoom, stylized skins, user navigation and interaction embed movies in movies, animate objects create collages and much more.

This easy to use product will let you continue the creative process and create compelling movies from your photographs and then share them with world or just a select few.

Publish to the Web, CD RO, Video, optimized YouTube (with our template) screen savers, self playing shows and more.

StillMotion Pro will expand you enjoyment of digital imaging and let you "bring your images to life".
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