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SLide Show with sound


ISMC PE and PE+ Slide Show Software Demonstrations

This area will continue to be added to as our users and friends contribute to the site with PE Slide Show software examples..

The first digital slide show demo below was created from a set of l photos of the Potomac river that was used to make a calendar by a local photographer.  We added our own commentary and humor to demonstrate just a few of the things that you can do with without a lot of fuss with PE photo slideshow software.

Demo 1 

Click on the  image to the left to see the demo, which contains music (for those of you at work).

You may download the self play slide show version of the movie shown in the demo. The player is reusable and you are welcome to it. You may also download the screen saver version by clicking on it

Both of the above output formats where created from a single click in the PE Publish Menu

Demo 2

Last November I visited Peru as the classic tourist with camera.   We shot 23 rolls of film and had them all put on CD ROMs.  This Slide Show demo titled Two Towns in Peru represents the gleanings of two or three of those rolls.  Click on the picture to see the demo.


Demo 3

A gallery specializing in Russian Photography sent us an e-mail with 15 jpegs images as attachments announcing their new collection  This is what we made in a few minutes.

Showing off fine art portfolios is a natural for PE, Note the use of panning in the slide show.

Click on the image to the right to see the demo.

With PE you can make and share animated shows of your children, pets, trips and special events.

Why not send a wedding album to everybody (its certainly less costly then reprints)

With one click of the mouse you can create a screen saver and email it to those who would cherish it. The screen save will install on any PC with a single click fuss, just easy!
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