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Full Screen Display of Slide Shows

Slide shows may be presented in full screen mode without any player or borders.  Some special considerations should be taken if you expect your shows will be shown in this full screen.

Full screen is supported in in Preview, Self-Playing Show  and Auto-Playing CD output.  Since these shows are going to be blown up to the full screen size or projected image quality and format require more attention. 

Full Screen Mode

Full Screen with slide show controls

The images above show what Full Screen mode looks like.  The Image to the right shows the Slide Show control bar which will appear if the cursor is brought to the very bottom of the screen.  This provides Slide Show control for group presentations or for personal control.  Moving the cursor anywhere in the image hides the Control Bar. 

When a show is published as a Self-Playing show or an Auto-Run CD The player provides a full screen Icon and similar controls.  The Show controls in the Standalone player only provide start, stop  and rewind (aback to the beginning

Publishing to Full Screen

A Show may be published tat will Auto-Play i n Full Screen mode.  This is accomplished by clicking on the

Full Screen box in the Self Playing Option dialog box (shown to the right.  A similar selection process is provided for creating Auto-Play CD that will begin playing in Full Screen mode.

Full Screen Slide shows require the highest resolution settings.  It is also desirable to have a format that will fit most pictures to the screens  height and width aspect ratio (4:3).  The Show tab under Slide Show Properties provides Three Full Screen selections for show size.  This will provide a portrait format with optimum resolution for any application.  We recommend the Large Full Screen  setting if file size is not critical.  The Medium and Small screen settings can provide adequate resolution for small screen viewing and the Medium setting is a good compromise if quality is desired but e-mailing the show is required.

Finally, we recommend using images of at least 800 x 600 for quality full screen shows.

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