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Slide Properties - Web Tab

The Slide Properties Web tag (shown below)  provides for the addition of actions based on mouse clicks to a slide and also manages Frame labels.

A Fame label is a property of a frame in a Flash movie.  The label is a name assigned to the Frame.  The label can be read and acted upon by JavaScript and many third party Flash tools to provide direct access and navigation to entry points in your Flash movie.

Every slide has a default Frame Label name assigned to it.  The default will be the file name (no path or extension).

Selecting the Frame Label check box will include the Frame Label in the Flash movie.  The Frame Label may be given any name you choose by entering it in the text box to the right of the Frame label check box. 

The On a Mouse Click window on the Web Tab adds actions to the movie for the duration of the current slide.

The actions are initiated when a viewer clicks on the movie while the current slide is active.

The actions include:

  • Jump to an URL Gets the URL specified, this includes going to a web location, initiating a download or launching another media defined by the URL
  • Play an SWF File This will load and execute a new Flash (SWF) movie.  The SWF can be on the web, a local machine or on a created CD ROM.
  • Jump to a Slide the movie will immediately jump to a selected file in the show.

Each of these action specifiers have additional dialogs and choices associated with them.  Click on the Action name for a full description of each.
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