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Slide Show Properties Tab


The Slide Show Property tab set  provide control over the over all properties of slide show creatio and control functions not specific to individual slides. (global slide show properties) It also provides for actions and behaviors of the show as a whole, Flash properties such as a preloader and action upon completion of the shows (WD and WD+ versions only).

The figure below shows the Slide Property tabs.

Slide Show Creator Menu

Note: Web Tab is not included in PE or PE+

The Slide Show Properties tab set includes:

  • Show   Provides movies size, frame rat, background and compression / quality settings.
  • Sound Provides for the creation and editing of the main (foreground) slide show sound, selection of compression / quality and Preview sound features.
  • Title   Provide for the creation of the Slide Show tile page, including background picture insertions, fonts and text editing
  • Web  (WD and WD+ only) Provides for Flash Movies behaviors, features and user interactions, supports addition of VCR controls, actions upon completion of the movie and defines actions for user mouse clicks such as branching and loading web pages, loading new Flash movies or jumping to other slides.
  • Preload Provides addition and configuration of a Flash preloader. Adaptive and fixed percentage preloaders may be defined.

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