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User Graphics

The Save and Get objects buttons shown above provide for the creation, saving, import and management of reusable "clip art" graphics for use in your projects.


The .FTG extension is used for these graphic objects.

The FTG file does not contain the objects themselves but contains information (meta data) about the objects. This includes the initial position where they will be imported. It is a good practice to grate a work folder for each project and store the actual object content in the work folder.

All the properties, effects and actions of the objects are saved. Complex graphics consisting of text, images shapes, and Flash files can be created in the Text and graphics tab and the grouped together and saved as an object.

When these objects are imported they can be ungrouped an all the actions are the restored.

Compleet navigation systems and custom controls can be created, reused and exchanged useing the FTG format.
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