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Tips for Getting the Most Out of ImageMatics Products

Creating a Professional Project Development Environment

The word multi really defines the production environment of developing multimedia content. A single slide show, virtual tour or gallery can have hundreds of image, sound files and other content types associated with it.

This content will come from multiple sources including scans, digital cameras, downloads, music CDs and just about any place else that digital content can be stored.

In creating the multimedia project by telling ImageMatics software where it is and what to do with it. We edit it, time it add sound and text and develop the project. We're done.

Three months later we need to edit and add to the project. We open the file and are told it can't find most of the images and sound. Why, because you created the show from multiple sources and they are now gone or moved.

So here is good way to prevent future surprises.

Create a Project Folder

We first create a project folder in root of the C: drive. This is important because you want to create a simple and reproducible path to all your content.

Create a naming scheme for you project folders so that their purpose is easily identified.

Create sub folders for your images, sound files, swf and other file types you are going to use or create. Do access any content (except web) that is no contained in your project folder.

When you complete you project a good idea is to create a description of the product as a text document and save it in the folder. Record the purpose of the project, any special considerations that went into making it.

Create an Archive CD

Now archive your project by copying the entire project folder to a CD.

For future work on your project copy the Project folder and its content to the C: drive. This can be on any machine that is running ImageMatics software.

Update your project, then create a new archive CD.

Follow this simple procedure and you will insure project continuity and protect your investment of time and effort.
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