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StillMotion Creator Operation and Benefits

The ImageMatics StillMotion Creator  (SMC) offers compelling benefits to those who wish to create Pan and Zoom animations (ala Ken Burns) for video, web and Flash applications.

SMC provides all the functionality of a camera animation stand. With it you can any combination of pan, zoom, rotate and perspective (video only) effects. An SMC Screen shot is shown below.

SMC is very simple to use. The image is loaded to the screen. Dragging, rotating and sizing an interactive framing box on top of this image changes the view and adds key frames for the start and stop of your animation to the timeline.

You can preview the motion (animation) as you go in the preview window. The design process is very rapid and intuitive. All motion paths are smooth, splined, and tapered with user control over start-up and end acceleration (pan and zoom speed). Motion is field-rendered to sub-pixel accuracies, with full alpha channel support.

A complete free tutorial with downloadable examples is available by clicking here.

Here are just a few benefits of using SMC

· Allows you re purpose your content and simultaneously create Flash SWF Files, Internet Video, Broadcast Video and publish to Video CD ROM.

· Creates movie quality animations from real images that are a tiny fraction of the is of a comparable video file offering the same content in the same resolution

Flash and swf animation tool, flash to AVI, multimedia publishing

· Our Members Program will provide you with a gallery to show your work, inks to your site and your business information at no charge

· Provides the ability to easily create compelling “pan and zoom” movies from still images. 

· Provides new rich media format for inclusion where bandwidth restrictions only indicated the use of still pictures

· The product is visually oriented, intuitive and very easy to learn as well as a comprehensive online support environment

· Adds compelling dynamic interest to traditionally uninteresting content, it keeps viewers without adding to load times

· Provides Flash standard offering compatibility with approximately 99% of browsers in current use

· It is an extremely affordable product, prices starting at under $100.00 (Flash only)

Get a free download and see why for yourself! 

Provides the ability to easily create compelling “pan and zoom” movies from still images. 

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