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ImageMatics StillMotion Web Developer (WD) and Web Developer Plus (WD+) are multimedia authoring tools which include all of the functionality of PE.

For the tutorial we will refer to both products as WD for convenience, there are no differences for the applications discussed here.

WD provides the addition of "actions" to slides, the creation of navigation menus, end of show actions, preloading and the addition of VCR controls.

We suggest using the On-line Help to reference the details of each item.

Here is a simple example of using actions to link to slide shows together:

An action is an event that is you add to a slide show or slide that can be triggered by a mouse click, the end of a show or the end of a slide.

Actions can be:

  • Go to (Get) a URL, this can take you to a web page, load a file, play a video, or any other "web type" action
  • Jump to a slide, this will let you jump to another slide in the same show. You can also jump back the current slide which loops on the slide and is the same as creating a paused slide.
  • Play an SWF will load and execute a new Flash movie in the same window as the current movie is showing. The Flash file need not be created by an ImageMatics product.

Example: Linking two shows together

Here is an example of how actions can be used to link two or more movies together.

  1. Create your slide shows and save the .SWF files in a directory. (See the Quick Start tutorial for how this is done). Creating a working directory for each project is a good idea.
  2. Open the first slide show in WD
  3. Under Slide Show Properties open the Web tab
  4. In the "End of Show" action panel select "Play an SWF file"
  5. Browse to the name of the SWF file you want to link to (you can repeat this for any number of SWF movies you have created.
  6. Go to File - Publish (be sure to save you file first)
  7. Select your desired media and publish the linked show. You will be prompted for a folder that will contain the movie files if a Web page is created. For .exe, CD ROM and screen savers all the files are automatically "packaged" in the executable.

The two following tutorials illustrate two methods of authoring a menu driven gallery.

The first creates (Menus and Actions) the gallery in a single show. The second (Multiple Shows) uses five separate movies that are linked to each other. The second example illustrates how cross linked media is published.
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