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Quick Start

PE lets you create a compelling animated slideshow with a few simple selections.  You can review this and take the Quick Start Tutorial which is a two minute multimedia description of the Quick Start process.

Click here for the Quick Start Tutorial

Here is all you need to do:

·          Start up ISMC PE

·          You will be presented with the dialog shown below dialog box that gives you three choices:


  1. ·          Create a new slide show

  2. ·          Create a new show from a folder

  3. ·          Open an existing slide show

·          Click on open a folder

·          You will now be presented with a File Box.  Click on a folder that has images in it you want to put in a slide show.  The folder will be highlighted; then click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.

·          You’re done!


All the image files (JPG. BMP, etc) will be included in a slide show.  Each slide will have an initial duration of one second and a fade transition time of medium length. (you can change this latter) Three clicks to a show!

You will be left in the Detailed List view.  From here you can edit the show, save it, add music or publish it.

To preview your slideshow click on the Preview icon in the Tool Bar and then click on OK, the slideshow will play in the viewer. 

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