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Quick Start

The StillMotion Creator is very easy to use once a few simple concepts are learned. This section will get those of you who are familiar with other products that use timelines for the creations of actions. Flash 5, Director, and Adobe Premier are examples of these types of applications.  The  new QuickShow Technology makes it even easier.

The Glossary will define any unfamiliar terms.

First Load an Image

StillMotion movies are created by loading pictures into the Timeline and then controlling the pan, zoom and rotation movements by placing KeyFrames for the start and ends of the motion sequences in the timeline creates movies.  Under File select Load Image, then pick an image to load from the File Menu. 

Loading a picture sets the first KeyFrame automatically. Adjust the Camera Window to indicate the position and zoom first (key frame) of the motion sequence. Next move and adjust the Camera Window to where you want the sequence to end. Determine how long you want the sequence to be and move the Timeline Cursor to that point in the Timeline. Click on the Key Frame Control icon in the View Window and the end point is locked to the Timeline with a new KeyFrame.

Using QuickShow:

Select  Load and Jump  from the File Menu, an image is loaded, the image is centered and scaled, the time line is advanced three seconds.  Repeat this with a new image each time and you have created a basic slide show which will sequence through the slides in the three second interval without a transitions or pans and zooms...you create a five image slide shows with five clicks of the mouse...a very QuickShow!

Define the Motion Endpoints

You simply need to define two KeyFrame positions, and the camera will move from the first to the second position over the course of time you have defined.

The Viewer Window controls lets you play the movie you have just created. Adding key frames and pictures to the timeline adds to your movie





Publish Your Movie

When you like what you done select Make Flash SWF Movie from the file menu, save the Movie and your done.  Once you have saved a Movie file you can simply select Make Movie file and save your movie in a video format.

Try the downloadable examples....you will see how easy it is.






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