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Inserting a StillMotion SWF File in PowerPoint

This section provides step by step instructions for inserting a StillMotion SWF Movie into a power point presentation.  As you will see it is far from obvious how to do this and the Help menu won't help.

This will work on PowerPoint versions 97/2000/XP.  We expect it will work with 2002 but have not tested it.

Step 1.Go to the PowerPoint slide you want to add an SWF movie to or create a new slide.

Step 2. Go to the View menu, scroll down to Toolbars and choose Control Toolbox.  The Control Toolbox is shown in figure 1

Step 3. Select the More Controls icon as shown in Figure 1 and click on it with the left mouse button

Step 4 A Scroll Box will appear with an alphabetic list of available controls. Click on the Shockwave Flash Object.

Step 5. Your cursor will now change into a crosshair.  On the slide you are working on expand the crosshair into a box in the general vicinity of where you want the SWF movie to appear.  The position and size can be adjusted later so this is not a critical placement.

Step 6.Move your cursor into the box you have just created and right click the mouse.  A dialog box will appear. Select Properties  The Properties Dialog shown in Figure 2 will now appear.

Step 7 To make your SWF move appear and play the following options must be selected

EmbedMovie set to True
set to True to loop, set to False for single play
Movie Type in the full path or URL of the location of the SWF file. 
Playing Change to True

Step 8. To view the SWF movie you must run the slide show.

Once you do it it will be easy the next time. 




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