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For developers and publishers of content intensive applications such as news, entertainment, travel, documentary, instructional and educational, adult sites and others that use visual elements to communicate, ImageMatics StillMotion Creator provides an enabling creative tool for enhancing those offerings.


The StillMotion CreatorTM lets you create “pan and zoom” movies from real images in Flash and AVI formats from a single set of content and a from a single work session.

Add Dynamic Effects

You can add excitement and interest to still images by panning and zooming through them in continuous loops, or single play or under interactive control of the viewer.   The Flash movies are only slighter larger than the original images would be when represented as JPG files!  And…in the most compatible motion format available on the Internet.  Look at Creating a Commercial for an example of creating rich media dynamic content.

Repurpose Your Content

With ImageMatics StillMotion Creator  you will be able to repurpose your content for multiple uses automatically.  Simply select SWF or Video output and generate the media formats you need.


Use SWF files for animated pictures in the site, create Internet format (codecs) video for inclusion in streaming media or render your files with the PRO version and create broadcast resolution segments for use in videos, broadcast applications, CD ROMs, DEV or and other high resolution or wideband media-rich applications.

Easy and Affordable

ImageMatics StillMotion Creator  is very easy to learn and to use and will not put a dent in your budget.


ImageMatics Membership Program will provide content developers with a showcase for their works, links to their sites and links back to members.


Look through our example's Galleries and see what can be done with ImageMatics StillMotion Creator


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