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The ImageMatics StillMotion Creator provides an easy to use and interactive movie-making tool for creating “pan and zoom” motion sequences as well as 3D perspectives, rotation and smooth transitions.  Entire movies and documentaries have been made using only these effects.  Ken Burns classic series on the Civil War is perhaps the most famous.

Virtual Animation Stand

The ImageMatics StillMotion Creator simulates an expensive animation stand providing pan, zoom and perspective (tilt) motion capture from still images in the most popular standard formats.

Videographers have a choice of media to output to from a single base of still image content.  If web applications are your goal, then publishing to Flash SWF provides the most efficient and most compatible “movie” format for the Internet.


Batch processing provides rendering of multiple movies in a single session.  Image processing functions provide NTSC color matching, antialias smoothing, brightness and contrast adjustment and border editions.

Create High Quality Video Automatically

At anytime you may repurpose your movie into a wide variety of digital video formats.  You may select the codec that works the best for your target application.  You may choose to create your movie in Internet applications or render high resolution media for broadcast or even HDTV applications!.

Create Internet Video With StillMotion Plus

Your output can be any one of the AVI formats, MPEG or uncompressed AVI for video output or encoding with third party products.


We provide you with step-by-step instructions on creating “Video CDs” that will play your movies on commercial DVD players and display the results on a standard television monitor. 


Create Broadcast and HDTV Resolution Video With StillMotion Pro

The Pro version supports all TV and HDTV resolutions and formats.  It is used by videographers and broadcasters to create video content for use in professional productions.


The ImageMatics StillMotion Creatoris an essential tool to any professional who wants to easily and inexpensively add animation (StillMotion)  to their creative capabilities, expand the markets they service and augment their portfolios.


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