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Medalia Art Gallery


In 1975 we took a vacation to a tiny, troubled island in the Caribbean called Haiti. From the moment we stepped off the plane we knew that this was going to be different than we could ever have imagined. Amidst the heat, the dust and the poverty we saw the most amazing art adorning everything. From the walls to the sides of buildings, to the "tap taps" (buses), everything was painted in bright colorful scenes.

We were hooked! Over the years we collected, we studied, and we planned for the time that we would be able to go back to this incredible island.

In 1996 we returned. It was during this time that we put our two passions together - Haitian Art and the internet. Medalia - the Art of Haiti was born!

Haitian art spans many styles. On our website you will find paintings many different styles: naive, impressionistic, photo-realistic, surrealistic - and just about everything else.

We invite you to come take a look at the wonderful work that comes from the people of Haiti.

Created by Medalia Gallery  (www.medalia.net) using ImageMatics StillMotion Creator




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