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Glossary of Terms

Key frame: A KeyFrame is used to mark the beginning and end of a motion sequence. Each Key frame contains the position, size and rotation of the Camera Window.  ImageMatics Still Motion CreatorTM (ISMC)  uses the start and end Key frame position to calculate all the intervening frames in a motion sequence.

StillMotion: Our trade name for motion sequences created from still images with KeyFrame animation. 

Image:  Images refer to still images that are input from files you already have available.  Scanning photographs, digital camera, photo clip art and paint package outputs are all common sources of images.  The maximum image size is 4,000 x 4,000 pixels, up to 64 different images may be used in a single animation StillMotion Creator supports TGA, TIF, JPG and BMP fill formats.

Show: A Show is the script the ISMC creates that describes the animation you are creating.  The Show contains the motion information, trimming and images that make up the animation you are creating.  The Show file (MXP) does not contain the images.  It contains references (paths) to the images so if you which to save a Show for later editing you should also save the images used to create it.

Movie: The movie is the output that contains the animation and any sound you may have added.  The StillMotion Creator can produce Flash SWF files and video (AVI) files with add on modules.  There are no program restrictions on the maximum length of a Movie.

Timeline: Animations are composed of sequences of images over time.  The Timeline is the actual timed sequence of image motions and events.

Stage: The area containing the current image being used as the animation source.  This is different from a Flash 5 stage. 

Camera Window: The area of the Stage contained within the area selection box which represents the “view” of the Stage from the viewer.  The Viewer shows the current Camera Window.

Viewer: The built in “video” player for previewing Movies under construction and the location of the KeyFrame Control.

Quality Factor: The Quality Factor is the determinant of how much compression is used on images in making the SWF movie.  A factor of 100 is the highest quality and least compression.  The lower the Quality Factor the smaller the SWF files and associated with this a lower quality Movie.

Ease:  Easing refers to the option of having a camera path start of slow at the beginning of a motion segment and then accelerate to constant speed (Ease In) or slowing (Ease Out) as the motion sequence nears its end. This is also referred to as Slows in the KeyFrame Control Dialog Box.

SWF File: A Flash file.  The Movie is represented as an SWF File.


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