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Product Specs and Pricing

System Requirements

The ImageMatics StillMotion CreatorTM  (ISMC) is compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and XP.  The program will operate on any PC (processor and storage) capable of supporting its respective operating system

For Mac users: you can run the software under OSX 10 Using VirtualPC.

ISMC can run in any 16 - 32 bit display mode.  The PC must be capable of supporting a true color display mode within this range.

ISMC loves CPU speed and memory.  Like any other image processing application the more the better!

Here are some common specs relevant to all versions.:

  • Maximum source image size: 8k x 8k pixels
  • Maximum number of source images: 64
  • Maximum length of a single movie: ~9 minutes
  • Image file types supported: JPG, TFF, TGA, BMP
  • Soundtracks: 1
  • Motion operations: Pan, zoom, and rotate
  • Video formats supported in Plus and Pro - AVI, MOV, DPS and RTV (Video Toaster)

Product Differences

The product differences are in output formats supported.  The table below shows the differences and the product pricing

Feature Creator Creator Plus Creator Pro
SWF Files X X X
Internet Video
Resolutions Below 400 by 400
  X X
Professional Video
All Resolutions Supported
3D Perspective* X X
Pricing $99.95 $149.95 $249.95
Purchase Purchase Purchase

*note  #D Perspective functions only in AVI output and is ignored in SWF

Upgrades are available among the versions.  Visit the Upgrade Page for information and upgrade pricing.



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