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WD Applications

ImageMatics Web Developer (WD) addresses a wide gamut of applications. As it encompasses the complete PE multimedia slide show creator it addresses all of it applications (see PE Applications Page). WD's menu system, multi show capability as well as Flash and web functionality result in an essential multimedia development tool for developers. Because no knowledge of Flash or programming is required the tool empowers creativity from the broadest of audiences.

Create Interactive Galleries

WD's interactive image menu system is the perfect tool for creating online galleries. Here are some applications that are easy to accomplish with WD.

Photographic and art galleries showing images by topic. Mouse actions can branch to web pages for more information, larger images and e-commerce.

Real estate applications in which an image directory can navigate to neighborhoods,and specific properties and then provide a completely interactive tour. Web developer can provide click on a side to provide detailed information or to put you in contact with the realtor

Interactive catalogs. which use menus to provide product categories linked to shows with user controls for starting, and stopping, click for more information or click to buy applications can be created.

Product exploration. Create menus of product lines tied into narrated presentations which let the user navigate at their own pace or yours.

Travel and resort sites. Create virtual tours of hotels, resorts, cruise ships, etc. Create navigation menus with virtual tours, of user selected areas all a click away from more information or contact.

Tutorials and Training

WD provides an easy and cost effective means of creating multimedia training and instructional content

Multimedia training courses with chapters and navigation

Quick Start tutorials that use screen shots and graphics to create an animated and narrated product introduction at a fraction of the cost and time using other applications

Do-it-yourself instructions. Chapterized how to manuals using pan and zoom for details, narration and user navigation made from still images without expensive video production and editing.

CD ROM Applications

Multi-title CD . All of the applications above can be published to CD ROM creating a low cost and effective way of providing marketing, training and product information.

CD to Web. Add web connectivity to CD's to provide ordering, customer contact, information requests and Additional information. Any show segment, menu entry of slide can be linked to a web placation.

Kiosk Applications

Standalone Kiosk. Use the multimedia menu and presentations tools to integrate with touchscreens and other devices. Create all or part of an application and integrate with any third party Flash and HTM tools.

ImageMatics WD output is compatible with a wide variety third party Flash tools. Using WD as part of your development tool set will provide an easy way to create navigation , presentation and image effects components for larger applications.

Look over the tutorials to see how easy it is to create powerful interactive multimedia.
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