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ImageMatics StillMotion Web Developers (WD)
Multimedia Authoring for Web, CD ROM, and More

Imagematics Web Developer (WD) multimedia authoring software combines all the features of our PE product with a powerful and easy to use multimedia authoring system that lets you create complete interactive content and publish it to your choice of output media.

Publish to the Web, Flash (SWF), .exe, autoplay CD, and screen saver and the WD plus add video as an output option. The example below shows a photo gallery created with the WD. The Features Page goes into depth on what WD can do. A tutorial section describes how the gallery was created and provides additional examples on creating content with multiple linked shows and menus.

Each image is an active rollover button, from there are several styles to choose, clicking on an image will take you to a different area of the gallery. Note that the sound track is looping in the menu.

Multimedia Software created menuClick on any slide and it will return you to the navigation menu. The "VCR" controls (an option) provide interactive control of the gallery browsing. At the end of each gallery show you are returned to the menu.

When you initially entered the page you may have seen the preloader which provided information while the entire show loaded. This show has five synchronized soundtracks.

The Multimedia Authoring Software Tutorial section shows how easy it was to make the above multimedia gallery as well as other examples.

The created gallery movie is contained in a single Flash (SWF) file.


WD features a powerful publishing system that let you output your created content in the way you need to distribute and share it. Here is what you create:

  • Flash-based platform independent environment that resides on your PC.
  • Multi title CD ROM with menu navigation and auto run. Add your your own icon for desktop identity and branding. Create CDs that can run a show and then bring the viewer to your web site.
  • Auto run .exe files that contain packaged multiple movies and media that that can be launched with a mouse click. The perfect media for compact downloadable content distribution
  • Flash (swf) files that can be used as stand-alone or incorporated into other Flash applications
  • Web pages with multilinked content, shows and navigation
  • Screen savers that can provide menus and branching and link to web sites.

The section on Multimedia Publishing provides details on how each is created.

ImageMatics Web Developer provides tools for adding VCR controls, animated menu buttons, preloaders and the addition of actions to slides and shows for branching to other slides, launching web pages and launching other Flash movies.
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