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WD Features

ImageMatics Web Developer (WD) software is an easy to use multimedia authoring tool that lets you create rich interactive content for a from a single source to multiple output formats.

WD's features include:

  • The complete PE multimedia presentation environment
  • Forms driven navigation menu creator. Easily create menus with image and text buttons, mouse over button actions, horizontal and vertical layout control. Inset blank forms or import your own menu backgrounds. Link menus to menus, create hierarchies, link within movies or link to external web, Flash, video and executables.
  • Web and Show action management supporting both slide level and show level control. Assign actions to individual slides, show segments or entire movies.
    • On Click - Jump to Slide, Get URL, Get a Flash movie
    • On End - Jump to a slide, loop, get URL, Get Flash movie
    • Pause and loop
  • Creation of complete media webs
  • Adaptive preloader creation
  • VCR controls. Choose from multiple styles and configuration. control placement, size, color and orientation.
  • Frame labels let you interact with other Flash and DHTML navigation. Lets you address slide content by user assigned names.
  • Multi track sound with automatic synchronization and slide - play list interaction. Supports soundtrack switching keyed to slide actions. Automatically sync slide durations to narrations and sound bytes.

WD features a powerful publishing system that let you output your created content in the way you need to distribute and share it. Here is what you create:

  • Flash-based platform independent environment that resides on your PC.
  • Multi title CD ROM with menu navigation and auto run. Add your your own icon for desktop identity and branding. Create CDs that can run a show and then bring the viewer to your web site.
  • Auto run .exe files that contain packaged multiple movies and media that that can be launched with a mouse click. The perfect media for compact downloadable content distribution
  • Flash (swf) files that can be used as stand-alones or incorporated into other Flash applications
  • Web pages with multilinked content, shows and navigation
  • Screen savers that can provide menus and branching and link to web sites.

WD+ adds video output to the WD products. You can export video for DVD and VCD creation, provide video sideshows for streaming and of course, you can then use your video content with any standard editing suite and special effects product

We suggest that you look at the tutorials which take you step by step through the process of creating a sophisticated on-line gallery and see how easy it is with WD and you will see why WD should become a relied on development tool for you.
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