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Perspective Control

The example below show how the Camera Window is changed to create perspective  views witch enable the creation of of compelling 3D movie effects.  Using the StillMotion Creator is the best way to gain experience and insight into creating these effects.

Perpendicular View This is the view with the camera parallel to the plane of the image.  Note rectangular Camera Window
Down Perspective The Camera Window is tilted up to the plane of the image as is represented by the trapezoid shape creating a view of moving down toward the bridge.
Up Perspective The Camera Window is tilted down to the plane of the image as represented by the trapezoid shape of the Camera Window.  The effect is looking up at the bridge.

The #2 move in the video in Video Stream Fly-by  is created using this type of perspective manipulation

Exaggerated Down Perspective A border is added to the image giving the effect of it being mounted on a flexible sheet.  This effect is as with the next four are used to create The 3D Movie Demo.  The technology used in creating these perspectives is called an affine transform and commonly, as you will see in the 3D Movie, rubber sheeting
Rotated Perspective Here the perspective (Camera Window) is rotated 90 degrees and the center shifted to the left.  The effect is dramatic
Rotated Perspective  The rotated perspective is moved to the right  with the results shown.  The image sheet is rotated away from the viewer.

Using this and the previous frame as key frames (end points) for a move (motion sequence0 shows the image flying and bending in a curved path away from the viewer. 

Rubber Sheet The shape of the Camera Window can be changed by selecting shift key and grabbing the corners.  Here an exaggerated shape simulates a wide angle view with the camera set at the edge of the sheet.

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