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Video Perspective Streamed Fly-by Demo

  Streamed 320 x 240 WMV file using MS MPEG4 Codec with mono 22khz sound track.  
Full 3D control of the camera is demonstrated in the movie clip above.

In the Video:

  1. Zoom in - Zoom Out (2D)
  2. Fly in - Fly out (perspective zoom) (3D)
  3. Fly and pan to left (3D)
  4. Fly (pan) width of bridge while going into a 45 degree yaw (tilt) (3D)
  5. Yaw and pull back (3D)

Note:  This video is being streamed in real-time over the web. Any "jerkiness" is a result of bandwidth availability and local web conditions at the time you are viewing it'

See the same movie -downloaded and played
(Playing them at the same time won't give "good" results)

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