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Note: The green Fade Control bar is dragged to control the length of the cross fade between adjacent images

The Timeline

Text Box: Timeline Range Zoom Controls
Text Box: Fade Control
Figure 7 shows the Timeline. The Timeline is the control structure of the Still Motion Creator. The timing of events, management of fade effects and appearance of new images are controlled on the time line
Text Box: Key Frame Markers


Figure 7 Timeline


Text Box: Time Line Indicator

The Timeline may be zoomed in or out with the Control Arrows contained in the Window Status Area or from menu selections available under View Menu. A rough time scale is shown in the dark boxes on the Timeline.

Placement in the Timeline is accomplished by moving the mouse over the Timeline Indicator Bar which is the red vertical line seen in the Timeline.

The exact time is shown by the Time / Frame indicator located at the base of the Viewer.

All editing actions occur at the current cursor position.

Loading a new picture (Load Picture) will insert a Key Frame at the cursor position. The filename of the loaded picture is shown next to the inserted Key Frame

Adding additional pictures to the Timeline causes the name area to change color. The colors are aids in quickly identifying Movie segments.

Key Frames associated with motions may be inserted anywhere in the time lines. The Key Frame contains all the properties of the Camera Window and may be Cut and Paste anyplace in the Timeline

When a second (or more picture) is loaded in the Timeline a small green arrow icon appears over the insertion point. This icon is the transition or fade controller. Placing the cursor on the icon causes it to change to a small line with arrowheads on either end. By holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse to the right the green arrow icon expands into a solid green bar over the image picture name area. The length of this bar corresponds to the duration of the fade between the images.

Inserting a Motion Segment Between Existing Segments (Insert Edit)

Inserting a new picture between existing pictures (motion sequences) is a little tricky and very unobvious as to how it works.

Here is how to do it by the numbers:

  1. From File select Load Picture and select an image to load
  2. The inserted image will appear at the end of the active Timeline
  3. Move the cursor to the "head" of the new segment.  It will change into a hand and a double bar
  4. Drag this in front of the the segment you want to insert it.

And your done not intuitive but it works.   You can not split a segment with a new image.

The Timeline is a little over nine minutes in length. This is the maximum length of a StillMotion movie. This is far greater than any practical application. Movies may be combined with other applications to create longer movies if needed.

The Viewer, to the right of the stage, shows what the camera sees, and plays the animated sequences. The window can be sized by dragging the left side, but keep in mind that the display may slow as the window gets larger if you are not using an accelerator card.




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