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The Stage

The Stage is the top left corner of the ISMC screen and it contains the initial image from which the StillMotion Movie is to be created.  The Stage is shown in figure 2 below. Within the stage a box (Camera Window) appears over the center of the image.  The size, angle and rotation of the Camera Window determine what is seen in the movie.

Text Box: Camera Window
Figure 2.  The Stage

The image within the Camera Window is shown in the Viewer that appears in the upper right area of the screen.

The Stage may be zoomed for viewing purposes, e.g. the image is larger than the screen, by selecting either Zoom In or Zoom Out under the View Menu or by selecting the desired zoom amount in the Status Window

Moving the Camera Window over the image contained in the Stage causes the image displayed in the viewer to show what the viewer will see when the Movie is created.



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