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NOTE: The aspect ratio of the Camera Window remains fixed for the duration of the Movie

The Camera Window

The Camera Window determines what the viewer will see in the movie.  The aspect ratio of the Camera Window (height / width) remains fixed for the entire movie and determines the aspect ratio of the created movie..  The aspect ratio can be changed under the Options menu by selecting the Set Viewer Aspect Ratio option.

Text Box: Rotation Control
 Text Box: Image Center
Figure 3. Camera Window Details

The Camera Window can be moved, resized and rotated in three different ways. A small red circle appears in the exact center of the image. This placed as a convenience for alignment purposes. The Camera Window contains a cross hair cursor in the center also for alignment reference. When the cursor is moved over the center of the image it changes to a small +, again this is only as a reference mark.

The first is interactively under mouse control. When the mouse is moved over the Stage and outside the Camera Window the cursor becomes a white arrow pointed to the upper left, when the cursor is moved over the Camera Window it changes shape to a hand. Holding down the left button and moving the cursor will cause the Camera Window to follow it. The image in the Viewer will move along with the Camera Cursor showing the current view.

The horizontal and vertical positions of the center of the Camera Window are shown in the Status Window in the lower left hand corner of the screen, immediately to the left of the Time Line. The width and rotation angle are also shown here.

Moving the mouse over the edge of the Camera window causes it shape to change to a diagonal line with arrowheads on each end. This is the resize mode. Holding down the left mouse button causes the Camera Window to either grow or shrink depending on the direction of movement. Moving in toward the center of the Camera Window causes it to shrink in size and moving it out cause it to grow.

Holding the Shift Key down before beginning to move the Camera Window will lock the movement to either horizontal or vertical (which ever direction the motion starts). The Shift Key must be held down while the mouse is moved to maintain the straight-line path. This provides exact control for horizontal and vertical pans where even a single pixel of error is undesirable

Shortcut Keys For Camera Window Control

A set of shortcut keys are provided for doing common Camera Window moves such as Right and Left Justify, Top and Bottom Justify, Center and two special key function that either expands the camera to the width of the image or expands the Window to the length of the image.

With these shortcut keys creating panoramas or accurately repeatable motion sequences becomes very fast and very easy.

Here are the Camera Window Shortcut keys:

[Ctrl-left]  Align the camera to picture's left 
[Ctrl-right]  Align the camera to picture's right
[Ctrl-home]  Align the camera to center of picture
[Ctrl-up] Align the camera to top of picture
[Ctrl-down] Align the camera to picture's bottom
PgUp]  Expand the camera to picture's height
[Ctrl-PgDn]  Expand the camera to picture's width

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