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Prep Pictures

Selecting Prep Pictures displays the Prep Pictures Dialog Box shown to the left.  This new feature (version 1.1) provides two very important and powerful image processing functions to StillMotion Creator and the ability to add borders to a movie

Video Safe Color re-maps the color range (gamut) of a Movie file to match the colors supported by NTSC (television standard) video.  If your intended use of the AVI output is to make video for display on standard TV monitors or output to video tape then selecting this insure a color map to the standard and avoid unwanted artifacts.

Pre-Blur softens the images making up the Movie by applying a low pass filter.  This image processing operation will reduce or remove the moiré effect sometimes seen in zooms and in angled pan motion.

This function provides benefits in both SWF and video (AVI) Movie Creation.  See Example 7 Image Smoothing for how powerful this function is if you are getting unwanted moiré (aliasing)  problems.

The Border Size slider bar provides for adding a border to the Image Stage.  The Border Size is selected in % of the image width.  Adding a border provides control for overshooting an image while zooming out and can be used to create nice effects.




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