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File Menu

The File Menu supports the loading and savings of Image and Movie files as well as the creation of Flash SWF files and AVI video movies.  In  the Plus and Pro Versions Make File Movie will not be grayed out indicating its availability for use.

Load Picture Clicking on the Load Picture selection provides a standard file selection dialog box.  You may enter a file name directly or browse and select as in any standard Windows application.  Permissible Image types are TIF JPG, BMP, PSD and TGA.  See Tips on Image Management for some suggestion on selecting the appropriate file formats and image properties to use in creating effective and efficient Movies.


The selected Image is Loaded in the Stage.  This begins a movie creation session.


Load Picture and Jump  This function loads a selected image as in the Load Picture function discussed above with the edition of automatically advancing the time line cursor three seconds.  Repeating the function loads a new image with a three second duration.  Using this function you can quickly build a simple slide show by repeatedly loading images with it   Note that although only one key frame is visible.  A hidden frame is automatically added to the end of the segment.


Load Sound Track Clicking on the Load Sound Track selection provides a standard file dialog box for the loading of pre-created sound files.  The file formats are limited to those compatible with Flash SWF sound. 

Sixteen bit WAV files sampled at 11, 22 or 44 KHz are supported.  It should be noted that the sound files will be compressed within the SWF file so that the 16bit format does not provide undue overhead.  Only one pre-edited sound file is allowed and all sound files begin play at the start (time = 0 seconds) of the timeline


Show Management Functions


New Show, Load Show and Save Show provide for the beginning, recalling and storage of Shows  created with ISMC. 


New Show Clicking on New Show initiates the beginning of a StillMotion Movie creation session.  After selecting New Show a dialog box appears asking Are you sure. Selecting Yes will terminate the current session without saving it, selecting no will return you to the File menu where you may continue working or save the current show.  NOTE You must save your work or selecting New Show will erase it


Load Show Clicking on Load Show brings up a standard file dialog box in which previously saved Show Files (MPX (ImageMatics Show format) can be selected.  If you have made any modifications to a Show (work in progress) a dialog box will appear giving you the choice to save the changes, continue and load the new show which will loose all changes done after the last Save Show or Cancel, which will return you to the current work in progress with no changes made.


Save Show Clicking on Save Show brings up a standard file box in which the name and location of the Show file to be stored is selected.  If the file name already exists a dialog box indicating this is displayed and giving you the option to write over the previous version of the Show or (Yes) or return to the Save Show file dialog (No) where a new file name can be created or selected. NOTE: Saving a show does not create an SWF movie.  It creates the file from which the SWF Movie is created under Create Flash SWF Movie file menu option.


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